Navarathri Mahotsavam:

Three day festivities are carried out every year during the holy season of Navarathri. The festivities include Arangettam (first public performance) in singing/dancing, Kacheri (musical concerts), cultural performances, Ayudha puja, Vidyaarambham etc

Aswathy C Bharani Mahotsavam:

Five-day celebrations with all pomp and grandeur are a crowd puller during the Aswathy Bharani mahotsavam at Pallippattu Bhagavathy Kshethram during the Meena Maasam (Month of Meena in the Malayala Kolla Varsham starting from utrattathi to karthika).

Major events/offerings during the festival are Kathakali, Ottathukkam, Mudiyettu and Kurathiyattom . Thousands of devotees arrive for the sadhya (meal) on this grand occasion and on the birthday of Goddess Kali, which is the Bharani Divas in the Malayala month of Meena , devotees throng for the paayasam (sweet dish) blessed on the occasion. The celebrations close with the Kuruti (sacrifice) on the last day.
Peaceful and prayerful processions arrive from neighbouring villages during the Aswathy C Bharani Mahotsavam , which is a sight to see. Mudiyettu , Ottathukkam and Guruthi are offerings that devotees reserve in advance. Devotees from far and near, and those interested in making such offerings are advised to contact the Administration office for all kinds of reservations. Offerings/ pujas thus booked will be carried out under the supervision of the committee and the prasadam will be later sent to the devotee.
Aswathy C Bharani Mahotsavam is the time when youngsters pray for good alliances as well as to deflect obstacles in their wedding prospects. Devotees desirous of blessings from Pallippattu Bhagavathy participate/sponsor the festival by way of hosting the sadhya, offerings like mudiyettu, thualabharam (weighing oneself in the presence of the Devi). The bookings for all these are to be done in advance and the receipts of the same have to be retained. Other offerings include Pattum-Thaaliyum (Silk and ornaments) for the Goddess and Neyyvilakku (Lamp filled with Ghee) lighted and placed at the holy step of the Goddess. The normal offerings are as given below:


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