Legend has it that the three powers of this temple- Maha Bhadrakaali , Dharma Shastaav and Shree Durga , were the traditional deities of the Manayapilli Mana , an aristocratic family that once was very famous in Muriyamangalamkara, in Mamala in Ernakulam. With time, the erstwhile Manayapilli Mana withered away leaving behind the powerful deities. It is believed that, very many years ago, the three vigrahaas (idols) were enthroned on to a single pedestal by a revered Yogi. These are the three sources of divine power enshrined at Pallippattu Bhagavathy kshethram and prayers are offered to in the North to South direction in the order of Dharma Shastaavu , Maha Bhadrakaali and Shree Durga .

Kizhakkumabhagathu Mana then took over the administration of the Pallippattu Bhagavathy kshethram from the Manayapilli Mana . Later members of the Kizhakkumabhagathu Mana themselves entrusted the administration to the NSS Unit 1680 of Muriyamangalam. Today, with the committed efforts of the NSS and the wholehearted cooperation of the devotees, the Pallippattu Bhagavathy kshethram exuberates in all its glory and pride.

The temple was renovated recently with the immense support from devotees and well wishers from this village and from far and wide. Today the place of worship has a temple decked in royal splendour, an auditorium for cultural gatherings and festivals, the administration complex and a covered walkway leading to the temple- everything by the grace of Pallippattu Bhagavathy . And now, heeding to the suggestions of the devotees and we believe a desire of Pallippattu Bhagavathy as well, this website is an effort to take Pallippattu Bhagavathy across the borders of this little village and make her brilliance shine on the entire world.

Pallippattu Bhagavathy has been caring for the devotees who throng the shrine with their woes. Sudden deaths in the family, ill-ominous events, accidents by fire, loss of honour and pride, financial crisis, prolonged illness and miseries, obstacles in marriages, burdens and shame through children and many more such pains have been eased away by the Goddess. Devotees believe that constant prayers have never been left unanswered.

By the holy grace of Pallippattu Bhagavathy the renovation of this sacred place of worship has been going on smoothly and uninterruptedly since the past six years. Currently the holy task being undertaken is to deck the roof with Copper leaves. The cost of one copper leaf is only Rs.1001/-.

Contribute generously and get the blessings of Pallippattu Bhagavathy .


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